45 Questions Every Search Committee Should Ask A Pastor

Last week I wrote a quick blog on the types of questions a pastor interviewing with a search committee should ask in order to dig deeper into the identity of the church. As I was writing that, I felt that there is a need for questions to be used by pastoral search committees. In my … Read more45 Questions Every Search Committee Should Ask A Pastor

30 Questions Every Pastor Should Ask A Search Committee

Every once in a while I get a call from a fellow pastor friend who is nervous about going before a pastoral search committee. After receiving such a call recently, I kept thinking through the kind of questions I would encourage them to ask in order to learn more about the church. So here are thirty … Read more30 Questions Every Pastor Should Ask A Search Committee

A Plea For Spiritual Awakening


“if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14, ESV) Here in Jewett, we have recently been experiencing a time of Spiritual Awakening. … Read moreA Plea For Spiritual Awakening

Thank You’s & Encouragements


As I sit down today to try to catch up with ministry thank you & encouragement notes (an attempt that I am forever behind on) I cannot help but realize how hard this is. This process is a hard one simply due to the amount of notes I would love to send combined with a lack of time … Read moreThank You’s & Encouragements

Reading Review: Dying To Grow @NathanLorick

Personal Reflection from the Reading Nathan Lorick, Director of Evangelism for the SBTC visited our local association a few months back and gave out this wonderful little resource to our local pastors and for that I am very appreciative. In his book Dying to Grow, Lorick dives into the struggles of the local church to share the … Read moreReading Review: Dying To Grow @NathanLorick

Reading Review: I am a Church Member @ThomRainer

  (Photo Credit BobRogers.me) Personal Reflection from the Reading I am a church member by Thom Rainer is written to address the unbiblical trends that run rampant in today’s churches. Equipped with engaging stories from his past experiences as a pastor and his times serving as president of Lifeway, Dr. Rainer confronts these issues head on with easy and practical … Read moreReading Review: I am a Church Member @ThomRainer

Reading Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart @JDGreear

Personal Reflection from the Reading Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart; How to know for sure you are saved. by J.D. Greear is a wonderful book for those that are working through having assurance of salvation. Greear knows the struggles that many face when they question their salvation from first hand experience and he shares his own struggles … Read moreReading Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart @JDGreear

Pray for Revival @FBC Jewett

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Pray for Revival at FBC Jewett!

Starting this Sunday we will begin our Spring revival at First Baptist Church of Jewett. The church members and I are very excited about this event and what God is going to do both in us and those who come to the events.

Will you join us in praying for this event? (Please Comment Below)

There are prayer points on the book mark in the image. If you would like your own, you can swing by the church and pick one up or email me and I can send you the PDF file. 😀