Pray For Church Revitalization

It has been my experience that every church is going through a process of revitalization in some form or another. I have never met a pastor who did not want their church to be healthier or to grow. Every church that I have served in tirelessly worked to be more useful for the glory of God.

We pushed because we knew church health and the salvation of souls hung in the balance. We worked hard in revitalization because we knew that churches that revitalize well, in most cases experience biblical growth and churches that do not work at revitalization end up in stagnation and death. Church revitalization must be a constant work of every church leader. But what does it look like to revitalize well?

After leading churches in the work of revitalization and working through countless hours of materials on church revitalization, I have found three things to be imperative for the work of revitalization. Here is the first step.

Step 1: Pray For Revitalization

The starting point for any church that desires to begin the revitalization process is prayer. The early church was founded and flourished through the power of prayer (Acts 2:42) and churches today will do the same if they turn to the Lord in prayer.

Seek The Lord’s Will

The church must first pray to know God’s will and wisdom for the church. Just as Jesus’ model prayer is for Christians to pray for God’s will to be done in the world (Matt 6:10), the pastor and church leaders must seek out the God’s will for their church. The prayer for revitalization will then seek to align with God’s will through a prayer of repentance. Repentance is required because there is no perfect or utterly healthy church. Church leadership must understand there are areas in the past in which the church needs to get right with God. Repenting of past, unconfessed sin or areas that are just not in line with the Lord’s will are places to start getting right with the Lord.

Seek The Lord’s Vision

Along with seeking the Lord’s will, church leadership should be praying for a renewed vision from the Lord. They should be asking, what does the future look like for our church? And, how can we as a church get there? These types of questions must be open-ended for God to move and speak. If the leadership is unwilling to let God give his vision for the church or if the leadership tries to steer the conversation with God, they could miss his answer and direction for the future of the church.

Seek The Lord’s Unity

Once God’s vision has been established the leadership must ask God for unity in the church through the revitalization process. Church revitalization is often a hard thing for church members because it requires a certain amount of change. Change in the church can quickly lead to fear and division, and therefore church leaders must plead with the Lord to bring unity to his church.

Seek The Lord’s Power

Furthermore, the church revitalization process requires prayer to access God’s power. Scripture tells us that God is the source of church growth (1Cor 3:6) and the church must recognize God as the source of church growth by pleading with Him for his movement among his people.

Will You Join Me In Praying For Our Churches To Be Revitalized and Our People To See Revival and Awakening?

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