T-DD Part 1 – Disciple’s Guide (Student Guide)


Student Guide


Why Another Discipleship Book? Let’s face it. There are a ton of discipleship books out there on the market. Why in all of Christendom do we need another discipleship book? Let me give you a few reasons why this discipleship book is important and how it is different from any other discipleship book you will get. 1. Discipleship Is Important. – When a person reads the New Testament, discipleship is written all over it. Whether Jesus is leading his disciples, Paul is making disciples, or the church is being called to make disciples, discipleship is there. Discipleship in the New Testament is done in a small group or one-on-one, with one believer leading another to know and follow God. This book is designed to do that. This is not another Bible study or life guide. This is not a preaching series to work through. This book is a guide for one believer to lead another in order to help them know and follow God through studying the text of the Bible. 2. God’s Word Is Important. – When you look at all the different materials labeled as discipleship you can be overrun with options. Some formats are DVD driven, some are book driven, others are conversation-driven. But the real basis of teaching people to know and follow God is God’s Word. Therefore, this resource is Text-Driven Discipleship. The guide is designed to help a disciple-maker lead their disciple to discuss and understand God’s Word and to help the disciple begin to study God’s Word for themselves. 3. God’s People Are Important. – When Christians look at the church, they should see a group of people committed to making disciples. Making disciples is the Commission of every Christian and the marching orders of the Church (Matt 28:18–20). Thus, this resource was written in order to help Christians do what they were called to do. This guide is to help God’s people teach the Bible to others.

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