Studies on the Church “Order For A Purpose”

September 20, 2017 — 1 Comment

This teaching covers 1Corinthians 14, Paul’s instruction to the church concerning the worship service. Let’s look at the Lord’s command concerning orderly worship.

v1-5 – Order For The Building Up of the People

  • The Gift of Tongues
    • What it is
    • What are the dangers
  • The Gift of Prophecy
    • What it is
    • What are the dangers

v6-25 – Order For Understanding of the People

  • Understanding of the Audience (v6-11)
  • Understanding of the Speaker (v12-19)
  • Understanding of Spiritual Things (v20-25)

v26-40 – Order For a Purpose

  • Tongues for a Purpose
  • Prophets for a Purpose
  • Women
  • Paul’s Authority

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  1. Anthony, you have started writing again. I’m thinking about writing again myself. Many things have happened and changed since we last saw each other. Have no info on how to contact you. Maybe you can send me an address. Think of you frequently. I believe God intended us to know each other, even if only for a short time. HE is good, and I am so thankful……..Sharon

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