The Beginning & Trial

The Beginning & Trial

Well, here it is, the cliché “I have been thinking of starting a blog” blog. I know that the “hip” thing to do now for my generation is to write and blog. But to tell you the truth, I am not sure I am all that into sharing my feelings in the open like this. The whole process just seems weird.

However with that being said, there are a few reasons why I have chosen to start blogging.

The first is for me to process things. As I have started entering the world and vocation of ministry I have been forced to wade through some things that I truly did not expect to be faced with. I believe that God has been challenging the things that I once believed as truth. I have heard statements made by fellow students and professors that have really made me question what we are encouraging and teaching in schools and churches. This is NOT a blog to jump on a soap box by any means or discredit anyone but more for me to dialogue through my beliefs and maybe encourage those who are reading.

The Second reason is for resources. I seem to wonder upon things that tend to make my life easier and I would like to share those resources. I try to find things that are free or very close to free so it can work on anyone’s budget. These resources may be for technology minded people, business people, ministry use or just about anyone. 🙂

I hope that this blog can become both a place to encourage you, equip you and challenge you as you read.

Thanks For Reading!


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