3 Reasons Why The Pastorate Is The Best Job

Pastoring a church can be difficult, especially during a difficult season. The gurus tell us this. Christianity Today reported that pastors coming out of the pandemic are seriously thinking about leaving the ministry due to burnout (Link to the article). Barna’s research revealed that “38% of pastors are considering leaving the ministry” after the stresses of leading through the shutdowns (Link to the study).

But I want to speak to the other side of pastoring today. I believe that although difficulties are a part of the ministry experience, there are many great things about being a pastor. In my opinion, serving as a pastor is the best job.
Let me give you a few reasons why that is to encourage you today.

1) You Have The Best Boss, King Jesus

I have worked in the corporate world and have had the opportunity to sit under some great bosses. Some were and are still good friends. They would encourage me as a young man. They modeled integrity in the office place. They showed me how to work hard and still have some fun. They were great bosses. But let me be frank, worldly bosses do not compare to serving under King Jesus.

Pastor, you have a boss that has called you according to His omniscient foresight to accomplish His will at His Church. 

He knows your faults and shortcomings, and He uses you anyway. He knows when you are down, and He comes to lift you. He is the perfect boss.

2) You Have The Most Impact, Eternal Impact 

Before getting into ministry, I was in the real estate industry. I remember the rush of happiness I would get when I sold or closed on a new deal. I remember thinking about how I was helping people reach their dreams by purchasing their new homes and how I was building a better city for the generations to come.

But things changed when God called me to give my life to the ministry. Closing real estate transactions lost their luster. No matter how many homes I closed, it was always just another house. Nothing compared to the eternal impact I was able to make in ministry.

Pastor, Jesus is using you to make an eternal impact. 

As you preach God’s Word to your congregation, you are making an everlasting impact on their lives and their families. As you lead your church to evangelize your community, you are making an eternal impact on your town. When you share the gospel, you have the potential to lead someone into a relationship with Jesus and receive eternal life. You are making a lasting impact unlike any other job can provide.

3) You Have The Best Pay, An Everlasting Reward 

I remember my first paid ministry job. I was very excited until I received my first paycheck. I had worked so hard during the previous weeks only to be let down by the lack of zeros on that piece of paper. The position was more demanding than any other job, yet I felt I had nothing to show for it. Then the old statement became real, “there is no part-time ministry, only part-time pay.” 

BUT That’s when I realized a truth of ministry – It’s not about the effort I put in or the paycheck I receive. It’s about the reward of Christ.

Pastor, you have an everlasting reward. 

You may not be paid enough at your church. You may not receive the praises that you are due.You may never get an “atta boy” from that deacon.

BUT that is okay. 

You have a reward in Christ. Be faithful to what He has called you to, and be ready to hear those words, “well done, my good and faithful servant,” when we get on to glory.

I hope that through this, you are encouraged. If you’re a pastor, I hope you take this encouragement today and know that God is using you even when it is difficult, and I hope you will remind your pastor of these things if you are not a pastor.

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