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As the school semester is starting up, I can’t help but realize how blessed I am to go to school. I realize that in the midst of it, it is hard. But it is worth it. I hope an pray that this year all of the men and women attending school realize the impact they will have on the world as they study and that God would give us the strength and guidance to not only get the work done but learn how we are to use this knowledge in building His kingdom.

Here are a few quotes I treasure about going to seminary.

“All the seminary in the world will not help you if you do not share your faith” – Page Patterson (Stated in the first chapel service I went to.)

“If God has called you to the ministry, He has called you to prepare for the ministry” – John Bisagno, Pastor’s Handbook

“Go to Seminary! Sure God can use an ax to do the job but He can use a sharp ax so much better” –  John Bisagno, Pastor’s Handbook (in reference to ministers not going to seminary)


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