Devotional Wrap Up: A Healthy Respect for God?

As I am sure some of you do, I stick with a daily reading plan to direct the times I spend with God during the week. (I also like to use the My Utmost For His Highest devotional. – Link is on the right.) As I go through this I usually like to compile my thoughts from the readings and try to draw consistency from the times I spent to see what God has told me through the week. Below are a few of the thoughts that I had as I was working through what God had for me this past week.

What is a Healthy Respect For God?

This week I was bombarded by the nagging question that would just not give in. No matter what I did, it was weighing on my heart and staring me in the face through the Scripture or illustrating itself in personal experiences. So what does it truly mean to have a healthy respect for God? Throughout this week, God has revealed a few things that can be outlined under two elements of respecting God.

Respect for God In Our Relationship with God

  • Our respect for God must begin in relationship to Him.
    • After all, even the secular world knows that you cannot love something you do not know. How then can we respect someone we do not know? We cannot. Jesus calls all to abide in Him. Meaning that we are to stay in Him through the study of His Word and through prayer. John 15:1-17
  • Our respect for God must be rooted in understanding and obeying God’s law.
    • Luke 16:17 – Jesus states that  not one dot of the law will pass away. His point was that we are to continue to keep the law of God. This is not because we have to obtain salvation through the law but that we may walk in the light of God because of what He has done for us. (Think of the way a son respects and honors his father through behaving and being obedient to the father’s command)
  • Our respect for God’s ways must be above our respect for the ways of men.
    • Luke 16:14-15 It is common practice for society to always go with what works even when it may not be the most upright thing to do. We see stories all the time in the news of politicians and business men getting in trouble for unethical conduct. However in this passage of Luke, Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for such worldly action of seeking the approval of men in violation of God’s law.

Respect for God In Our Relationship with One Another

  • Our respect for God is rooted in the grace we give to one another.
    • Luke 16:1-8 – In this parable Jesus makes a very key point about the master’s (God’s) desire for those who manage His assets. That the managers are to give it away. This may be in the mercy or forgiveness for those who have wronged you or just the patience that you have for someone who is need of help. It should also be in leading others to the grace in which you have once received through Jesus.
  • Our respect for God is shown in the value we have for people in relation to our worldly possessions.
    • Let’s face it when it comes down to people and possessions, we all know which is more valuable. People. You can’t buy a new person (morally) but you can always buy a new car. But we do not always act in this way. I have seen with my eyes how people can lose it over their coffee not being made correctly and then berating the barista .
    • Luke 16:9 – In this statement, Jesus tells us to remember that the things of this life are temporary but that we are to use those things with love to make friends and share His grace.

Action Steps:

  • Start a relationship with Him.
    • How? First click on “The Story” Link on the right pane of this page and go through the content. If you have not made the decision, do it today. Then get into the Bible and start reading.
  • Once you have a relationship with God, act like it. Find out what His law is and walk in it.
  • Be a person of integrity. Be mindful of the correct thing to do and do not sacrifice the correct thing for what works.
  • Give grace to others. Be patient and have peace. Share what God is teaching you.
  • Value people enough to spend on them and share the things of this world that you may bless them.

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