Don’t Be Discouraged Today @PaulTripp

Don’t be discouraged at the spiritual war that you’re called to fight every day. The Lord Almighty is with you and wars on your behalf.

Don’t be discouraged at the messiness and unpredictability of your life. God is in the middle of the mess with his sovereign grace.

Don’t be discouraged as you face your problems. You have more than your strength and wisdom. You have the empowering grace of Jesus.

Don’t be discouraged because at times you stand alone because you are never really alone. Emmanuel, your Savior, is always with you.

Don’t be discouraged because there are things you don’t understand. Your hope isn’t your understanding, but in your Savior’s grace.

Don’t be discouraged because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Your Savior knows and rules all things for your good and his glory.

Don’t be discouraged today. No matter how alone you feel you’ve been blessed with the Father’s love.

Don’t be discouraged today you can leave your “what ifs” and “if onlys” in the hands of the One loves you and who rules all things.

Don’t be discouraged today, you haven’t been left to your own resources because you’ve been blessed with amazing grace.

Don’t be discouraged today. If you’re God’s child you’ve been chosen to be part of his grand eternal kingdom that has no end.

Don’t be discouraged today, wondering if it’s worth it. It’s impossible for anything you ever do in God’s name to be in vain.

Don’t be discouraged today. Yes, you’re aware of your weaknesses and failures, but for each of them there’s forgiving, transforming grace.

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