Final Exams Are Upon Us : Study Tips Here

As most of us will agree, the Final Exam Week is not the best time of year. As students we are often times faced with the added stress of back-to-back exams for a week straight or multiple exams in a day. This causes major stress due to the lack of study time in between exams. With that being said, I have listed below a few exam tips that I like to use in finals week. I hope they help!

Prepare Before Hand for Finals

  • Sleep well. I try to avoid caffeine when studying until the day of the exam. Allergy medicine before bed also helps the week before.
  • Pray and try to relax as much as possible while studying. Not to fall asleep but if I am over stressed I do not retain information. This maybe as easy as going for a walk while working through notes or flashcards.
  • Make Lots of Flash Cards and go through them frequently and in short spans. I am a big fan of flash cards.
  • Bring a snack on test days. I think better when I am not hungry. I find trail mix is good. I get full, it tastes good and I am not completely sugared up.
  • Pack your stuff before the day of. You will have enough stress the day of, do not add to it by looking for your laptop charger at the last minute.

During the Test

  • Pray! God desires for you to succeed if you have been diligent in preparing. It is okay to ask for His help.
  • Chew gum or mints. I find that if I am chewing on something it relaxes me and I do not fidget as much.
  • Breath Deep and Relax. Good Preparation before hand will help you here.

Between the Tests

  • Get up and walk around. If possible and it is nice, go outside. Fresh air will wake your sences.
  • Find a quiet place where you can be alone and clear your head for awhile. If you can’t find a place where you can be completely alone, make an effort to tune out other students. They may be talking about tests, and your goal is to block out any stressful thoughts.
  • Review you notes before your next test.

I hope this helps. Good Luck on your finals everyone! 😀

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