It’s That Time Of Year: Budgets

It’s that time of year again. No, I am not talking about the PSL season. I am referring to that glorious time of year when all of our number-crunching souls get excited, whip out our excel spreadsheets, and passionately examine the church’s budget for the glory of God.

As I have surveyed churches across the state, I have seen a wide swath of practices when it comes to budgeting. Some are all out with accountants and specialty software that will make your eyes cross. Others are more casual in their approach. Either way, your church needs direction with its finances.

Below is an excel spreadsheet to download and adapt to your church’s needs.

There are several templates in this file.

  1. A spreadsheet to record past offerings
  2. A spreadsheet for a Mother’s Day Out program
  3. A spreadsheet for the history of staff raises
  4. A spreadsheet for the previous year’s budget
  5. A comparison of the current year’s budget and the previous year’s budget

May your churches get stronger with this resource and your number crunching hearts be satisfied.

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