It’s That Time Of Year: Preaching Calendars

It’s that time of year again when pastors look to the next year and begin praying about how to serve their congregations with the Word of God.

When I put a preaching calendar together, I always took two approaches. The first approach was to hear from the Lord. As I was planning, I would enter a time of prayer and fasting for the direction of the preaching. I would strive to hear the messages that God would have me speak to His people. The second approach was to examine the needs of the church. Often, my church would be processing through a topic addressed in Scripture and we needed to hear how God’s Word applied to our lives. As I would get a calendar together, I needed a place to outline everything and ensure the flow was good.

Below is the excel spreadsheet that I used to outline the preaching for the year. Please feel free to download and adapt it to your church’s needs.

A few other things to consider when looking at this spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet can be on going. Every year I copy the spreadsheet into a new tab and change the dates. I have this spreadsheet going back over the last twelve years of my preaching.

I have removed some of the previous years for a reason. Many pastors want sermon series from other pastors. You don’t need my sermon series. You need to seek God, and He will provide His message to His people.

I also found adding rows for funerals, weddings, and Wednesday nights helpful. Adding these other preaching times helped me ensure that I was not preaching the same messages repeatedly.

I shared this spreadsheet with my staff members. When planning sermons I asked my staff to give input on topics our church members were dealing with. Once the schedule was set, my staff would discuss how to coordinate the preaching topics across the other ministries of the church. Coordinating the pulpit ministry and other ministries brought another level to our discipleship efforts.

May God use this resource to bless you and keep you organized for His great work with the Word.

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