October is Pastor Appreciation Month! – Ideas To Appreciate Your Pastor!

Pastor Appreciation Month is upon us!

We love our pastors and want them to know they are loved. So let’s tell them!

Here are a few easy ways to let your pastor know you care.

  • Send him a text to tell them you’re praying for him.
  • Invite him to lunch, talk about his family, interests, and walk with Jesus. Ask him about his personal life. You would be amazed how little he is asked about himself. Also, No church talk is allowed. 
  • Invite him to do something with you. – Go shooting, play golf, go fishing, go on a double-date, go out with your families – Whatever is fun and works for your stage of life.
  • Load up a coffee card from the local coffee shop. (Pastors Love Coffee!)
  • Get him a nice pen. (Everyone likes a nice writing pen.)
  • Get him a gift card to take his family out to dinner.

What are some other ways you can love on your pastor?

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