What Jesus says about the Kingdom – Mark 3:22-30

As I was reading today in Mark, God showed me a few things I would like to share with you. I was reading in Mark 3:22-35.I have broken my thoughts down by the scriptures listed. [3:22 ] And the scribes who came down from Jerusalem were saying, “He is possessed by Beelzebul,” and “by the … Read more

What I learned from Psalm 107 – Thursday 3/31

 Over the past few days and weeks something has really been bothering me. I am not sure if it is the routine of life or the lack of enthusiasm of those around me. But is seems that life has been an endless stream of stuff. During this time a message keeps coming across my path. It … Read more

Notes – Men in Their Own Skin Conference

 I just got back from a great men’s conference at a local church hosted by the author of Men in their own skin, Dudley Hall. He has some very good insights into men’s ministry in the church and a great message to all Christian men. I would highly recommend picking up his book it should … Read more

Revive This Nation – Day 5, Wednesday #RTN11

Revive This Nation – Day 5  Wednesday    Well here we are, our last full day in Sutton, WV.  Today we were busy all day. Kristen left his morning to help at a luncheon for the Grandma and Grandpa program of Sutton, were they set up mentoring relationships with the senior citizens of the community … Read more

Revive This Nation – Day4, Tuesday #Rtn11

Revive This Nation – Day 4, Tuesday Well, God is moving in a big way!  Today was awesome! I went to lunch with the chairman of the deacons and chairman of the pastor search committee and had some very encouraging conversations. We were able to dialogue through the future and vision of the church as well … Read more

Revive This Nation – Day 3, Monday #Rtn11

Revive This Nation – Day 3, Monday Today was awesome! We were able to sleep in a little in an effort to get over the time change and jet lag. Which was an un expected blessing. Around lunch time, Pastor Bill, Kristen and I tried a little more of Sutton’s fine dinning. Then it was … Read more

Revive This Nation – Day 2, Sunday #Rtn11

   Revive This Nation – Day 2, Sunday    This morning I got up early with Pastor Bill to set up at the church. The morning came much earlier than expected with the time change for coming here and daylight savings time. Kristen came a little later with his wife and shortly after the people started showing … Read more

Revive This Nation – Day 1, Saturday #Rtn11

  Revive This Nation – Day 1, Saturday Well, We made it! So exciting! After getting to the airport (thanks to my mother in law) we were able tomake it through security and baggage claim with relative ease. I really thought we were going to be late to our flight but luckily the AA card … Read more

Revive This Nation – Prayer Needed #RTN11

Readers This coming spring break I will be participating in a revival program through the seminary. The program sends several students & evangelists through out the nation for the week to preach revival. For more information on the program visit here. I will be preaching this Sunday morning, Sunday evening & every evening until Thursday. … Read more