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Personal Reflection from the Reading

Nathan Lorick, Director of Evangelism for the SBTC visited our local association a few months back and gave out this wonderful little resource to our local pastors and for that I am very appreciative. In his book Dying to Grow, Lorick dives into the struggles of the local church to share the gospel and what evangelism looks like for the local church.

Lorick begins his work with diagnosing one of the major heart issues of the church. This is accomplished through describing the apathy that has grown in regards to sharing the good news of the gospel by church members and church leadership in Southern Baptist churches. Lorick then takes the reader through some correction action for heart change and ends the book with some practical application for every church to reach the lost in their context.

This short book is packed with sixteen chapters of great information on evangelism for members and pastors. In my opinion, Dying to Grow should be in the library of every pastor of an SBC church. This resource will ask some of the hard questions that must be asked when leading a congregation on mission to seek and save the lost, and will give the guidance to help implement a much needed evangelism strategy in your church. I am grateful for Nathan Lorick’s work with this book and I am praying for his continued mission after the lost with the SBTC.

(Reading Outline Can Be Found Here)

I am in no way affiliated with Nathan Lorick or his publishing company. These are my views and my views alone on his writing. If the writer or publishing co. has an issue with this blog, notify me and I will remove it.

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