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I am a church member by Thom Rainer is written to address the unbiblical trends that run rampant in today’s churches. Equipped with engaging stories from his past experiences as a pastor and his times serving as president of Lifeway, Dr. Rainer confronts these issues head on with easy and practical understanding. Dr. Rainer’s motivation for writing this book is to strengthen the church through strengthening it’s members with a real understanding of the responsibilities of being a church member.

Dr. Rainer should be commended for his work on this book and his efforts to drive every point back to the Bible. Because the Scripture is not entirely clear on the responsibilities of church membership, this is not an easy task. I found that in most cases Dr. Rainer took general commands for every Christian (I.E.- to love one another) and applies them to a membership context (I.E.-to love the members of the church). Although this is not exactly what the New Testament writers were driving toward in their writing, application of the Scriptures to life is important regardless of context.

In my opinion, I am a church member should be in the library of every church member and pastor. If our church members today would apply even half of the principles mentioned in this book, the church would take a huge step in faithfulness and see the growth from it.

I am in no way affiliated with Thom Rainer or his publishing company. These are my views and my views alone on his writing. If the writer or publishing co. has an issue with this blog, notify me and I will remove it.

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