Revive This Nation – Day 1, Saturday #Rtn11


Revive This Nation – Day 1, Saturday

Pittsburg, PA from the airplane

Well, We made it! So exciting!

After getting to the airport (thanks to my mother in law) we were able tomake it through security and baggage claim with relative ease. I really thought we were going to be late to our flight but luckily the AA card saved us and we were able to check in priority style and pass the line at security. Can you say awesome!?

Once we landed in Pittsburg we were quickly met by Pastor Bill and his brother in law, Glenn. And wisked off to grab lunch with Pastor Bill’s wife, Gene and  Glenn’s wife Neecie. It was a good time chatting and then we hit the road to Sutton, WV.

The road trip took three and a half hours. It was really good being able to discuss the dynamics of the church and all that Pastor Bill does for the city of Sutton.

He and his wife have been serving the city of Sutton and the church for over the past 15 years. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I too wish to one day claim such faithfulness to the ministry that I feel God has called me to.

Car Ride on the way to Sutton, WV

After we got to Sutton, we unloaded and met Pastor Bill’s daughter Cindy and her husband Mark. We are staying with them and they are very nice. We were able to hang out with them a while and talk.

Cindy, plays the piano and does music for the church & she got Kristen to do the special tomorrow. I am very happy about it. I knew God was going to have her do something on the trip.

All in all a good day. 😀

I am super excited for tomorrow and I need to look over my notes one more time. So I am off to bed.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. We are hoping for a true revival.

If you are interested in what all the students are doing, search #RTN11 on Facebook or Twitter.

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