Revive This Nation – Day 2, Sunday #Rtn11

 Revive This Nation – Day 2, Sunday   

Kristen & I exploring the farm

This morning I got up early with Pastor Bill to set up at the church. The morning came much earlier than expected with the time change for coming here and daylight savings time. Kristen came a little later with his wife and shortly after the people started showing up in groups with smiling and laughter. The church is a lot like a large family with many extended cousins and uncles. They truly have a great time together. They are such a blessing and they accepted Kristen and I immediately.

It didn’t hurt that Kristen sang her heart out with the hymn “Jesus paid it all” for special music. I think everyone just adored her. I then delivered the message from 2 Kings 5 and it was enjoyed by all who were in attendance.

The top of the Hill

After church, we were given the grand tour of the farm that we are staying on via four-wheeler.  Mark and Cindy, our host home, raise black angus cattle and own several hundred acres that we were able to explore. It was a lot of fun. I really did not think I was going to be able to get Kristen on one again.The countryside here is breath-taking.

After the tour we went back to the church for the evening service. I delivered the message on Isaiah 53 :4-6 which went well.

Visiting the Cows on the Farm

 I really feel like God is moving here. I know that He is helping me with the messages and I feel like He is moving in the hearts of the congregation. I am continuing to pray for more people to come to the services and for opportunities to share the word. I hope to have some opportunities tomorrow when we go on visits with some of the deacons of the church.

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