Revive This Nation – Day 3, Monday #Rtn11

Revive This Nation – Day 3, Monday

Today was awesome! We were able to sleep in a little in an effort to get over the time change and jet lag. Which was an un expected blessing. Around lunch time, Pastor Bill, Kristen and I tried a little more of Sutton’s fine dinning.

Then it was off to visitation with Jimmy the deacon. Jimmy and I went to two homes to visit those who have been I’ll and could not go to church due to health issues. The last house we went to was to visit the husband of one of the ladies of the church. His name is Kenneth and I was told that he has prayed the prayer of salvation but he never got plugged into the church. We were able to visit with him a little and encourage him to come and join the revival.

While I was on visits my beautiful wife went down to the local strip mall and was able to pray and visit with some of the ladies working while “shopping”. She was going to go on visits with us but one of the families has cats and Kristen is very allergic. Hindsight, I really think God wanted to split the efforts.

Tonight at the services Kristen was able to sing again and I preached from Mark 8:34-39. It was awesome! There were several decisions made among the small congregation. It was a great night. I know God is working in the people of the church.

Please continue to pray for God to open the hearts of the people and bring the people of Sutton, WV closer to Him.

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