Revive This Nation; FBC Nixon, TX Day 3-4 #RTN12 @SWBTS

Well the Lord is moving in Nixon, TX! We are having a great time and it is awesome to see all that God is doing in the hearts of His people.

On Monday we went to the town of Gonzales to do a little visitation which was good. We were able to encourage those who are dealing with illness and pray for them.

Cool old house in Gonzales

Through out the town there were several really cool, Southern houses that would be really neat to fix up and live in.

Monday night I preached on 1John 2:1-17 and Kristen helped Etta and Pastor Michael lead worship. There was a big response to God’s calling that night and everyone was encouraged.

Etta & Kristen Singing

Tuesday Pastor Michael and Etta took us to Goliad to do a little sight seeing.

Goliad Court House in the town square.
The "Hanging Tree" outside the courthouse. Swift justice was displayed under these limbs.
Pastor Michael jamming out on an antique piano as the girls shopped inside
Lunch at the Empresario = AMAZING!
Kristen outside the Empresario

We then traveled down the road to the memorial and fort at Goliad for a little Texas History education. (Kristen was in History teacher heaven)

Memorial for the Massacre at Goliad
Wild flowers at the memorial
Memorial Caption
The Chapel at Fort Goliad
Fortress wall at Fort Goliad
Inside the chapel at Fort Goliad

After a fun afternoon of walking around and checking out the sights, we headed back to Nixon to prepare for the services. After cleaning up and going over my notes, Kristen and I headed to the church to minister to the people.

Me Preaching Revival at FBC Nixon

We had a great showing tonight with many new people. It seems that the Lord is working and drawing people from the town in. I was able to preach 1 John 2:18-3:1 in the service and the Lord is continuing to move in the people. I have seen it with my eyes and I am encouraged by their faith and commitment to the Lord every time I am able to share God’s Word with them.

Tomorrow we are bringing the revival to a close but I am praying that revival continues within the church and this town. I am praying that God continues to draw men and women into His grace through this church and that God continues to use these people for His glory to build His Kingdom.

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