#Thanksgiving in Ministry

In Matthew 25:30-41 Jesus says some very strong words to the people about the final days of judgement. The basis of His statements are that if you do not care for the “least of these,” then you are not my disciples and therefore do not know Him.

From my experience in the church world, we as minister of the Gospel can get caught up in planning events and Bible studies while forgetting those who are in need. This is a travesty. Christ never said that He will judge us on the events we have or the people in our church. However in these passages, He will judge us on how we care for those in need around us.

This thanksgiving I am thankful for my family, friends, and church. But I am most thankful for God changing me and giving me opportunities to serve the least of these.

Photos Above Were Taken at the Met Church Annual Thanksgiving Bag Give Away. More Can be viewed Here.

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