Unexpected Discipleship

Let’s face it; we are in unexpected times. 2020 has been a roller coaster with a pandemic, a lockdown, economic fallout, racism, and riots. Many American citizens feel helpless in these unknown waters and fearful of what catastrophic event will come next.

But for the Christ-follower, we do not fear. We know that Christ is in control, this world is not our home (1 Peter 2:9–12), and we are called to a higher purpose (Matt 28:18-20). Christians cannot cower in fear of the times or trials of the world. Christians must answer the call to make disciples, realizing the time is short, and the harvest is ready.

Let me give you three tips for making disciples at unexpected times.

1) Look For Unexpected Opportunities

These times are unexpected for Christians and Non-Christians alike. For Christians, we see this period as a sign of the times. For Non-Christians, many are wondering what is happening. Christian, do not get caught up in the world. See the times as an unexpected opportunity to share Christ and disciple others. Make disciples of those who would not regularly be open to studying God’s Word.

Consider Paul’s imprisonment for a moment. Paul, at the end of his ministry, was imprisoned for sharing the gospel. Paul could have acted in the flesh and abandoned the mission to make disciples, but he did not. Paul used his capture to witness to his captors and build God’s Kingdom. He seized every opportunity to share Christ and rejoiced in how God used the trials for others to know Him (Phil 1:12-13).

2) Look For Unexpected Methods

Our situation is not regular or “normal.” But that should not keep us from making disciples. Sure, we may not be able to meet face to face at the church house. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot meet together and study the Word. 

I believe God has given us a great gift with technology for this season. With the use of video chat and the internet, disciples can be made across the world. Therefore, do not say, “we cannot meet as we have before so we cannot meet together” (Heb 10:24-25). Let us look for an unexpected method, think outside of the box, and do whatever it takes to make disciples.

3) Expect Unexpected Results

The times are hard, and some may be wondering if God is even working right now. But let me tell you that God is at work. Through this time, I have seen people come to Christ, I have seen people get committed for the cause of Christ, and I have seen people get discipled. Make no mistake, God is still working. So let us do as Richard Blackaby called us to do in Experiencing God, let’s find where God is working and join Him in His work. Let’s seek God for results that would be totally unexpected in such hard times.

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